About BritLitBlogs

Our small group was founded in 2015 with a pretty simple mission: to review British authors and the blogs that write about them. Since then we’ve gone through many iterations, members have come and left, and we’ve lost a lot of the previous reviews which we had published due to a site crash.

With that in mind, we’re going to start writing them up again but this time with a new twist as our group is smaller now and looking to experiment with new projects:

The books we cover will not only be reviewed (like we normally do) but also repaired! We’ve grown crafty in our years and are looking to find new takes and twists on our previous methods.

We’ve added two new members to the group in late 2019, and although we have to meet remotely right now, we’re still sharing mail and sending books back and forth.

So, bare with us a bit as we get our footing again, and I hope you’ll enjoy our new projects!

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